Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kaitlyn and Katlin

I live in a small town near Raleigh, North Carolina. I have a daughter who’s 4 years old. Her name is Kaitlyn. Like all kids her age, she can be the poster girl for angelic cuteness one second and a devilish troll to test one’s patience the next. I have hugged her and told her I love her far more times than I’ve had to punish her. As for punishment, it usually consists of scolding her. A Daddy’s disappointed gaze is a lethal weapon at times. I have also spanked her. No a belt-welding, butt-blistering spank, but a hard enough smack on the behind to get her attention and sting a little. In every case of punishment, I’ve followed with a hug and an apology. These don’t happen often because she’s a good girl, but she is a 4 year-old kid.

John Patrick Violette lives in a different small town near Raleigh, North Carolina. He had a daughter who’s 4 years old. Her name was Katlin. It’s been reported that she could be the poster girl of angelic cuteness. But knowing 4 year olds, I’m sure she could certainly test a parent’s patience at times. It’s been stated that John used to hug his daughter often. As such things go, no one knows if he ever punished Katlin. Well, no one knew until last Friday.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off since my son had been sick. I had lunch with the family, including Kaitie and her mom. Mommy left and I stayed home with the kids…kind of a daddy-kid day. We had fun playing, but Kaitie was also in a bit of a mood. I had to give her the daddy-gaze once or twice, but otherwise, the day went well. Mommy came home in the evening to find the kids peacefully asleep and the dishes and cutlery put away. I was on the couch watching television.

John quit his job last Thursday. On Friday, he had lunch with Katlin and his wife, Amber. Amber left for work and John stayed home with his daughter…kind of a daddy-daughter day. We have no idea what went on in the afternoon…whether little Katlin’s mood was angelic or devilish. Mommy came home in the evening to find her daughter decapitated in the hallway of their home. A knife apparently was later found to be blood stained. John had hopped a plane to Washington, DC where he was found the next day.

This morning, I awoke to see snow falling onto the ground. My kids were sleeping in since it was Mommy’s day off, but I made sure to awaken them before I left for work. Being in this part of North Carolina, it rarely snows. This was one of the few times my kids had even remembered seeing snow, so they were quite excited.

In another small town near Raleigh, North Carolina, it’s also snowing. I’m not sure John can see the snow. He’s in a jail cell now, awaiting his fate. His wife probably sees this snow, but can no longer awaken her daughter. Instead, Amber will be trudging through the snow to attend her daughter’s funeral. A Carolina snow that Katlin will never see.

As I left for work this morning, my daughter Kaitie sleepily said, “be careful Daddy, I love you.” I replied, “I love you, too. Now go back to sleep and sleep well.”

Rest in Peace Katlin. Burn in Hell John.

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