Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Drunk Driving Kills

George Alwyin Smith was driving westbound on Insterstate 40 to work Monday morning as he has for many years prior. He was a 55 year old father and people say he was a model citizen and neighbor. Michael Caldera De Latorre was driving the other way along Interstate 40. He veered across the median and hit George's week-old Kia. George died.

The police report that Michael smelled of alcohol. Turns out that Michael is also an illegal immigrant. He was driving a stolen vehicle from Charlotte so he must have left the Queeen city a few hours prior. He was probably drinking heavily before getting into his car. Hell, he might have been drinking while he was driving.

An entire debate can be born from the fact that De Latorre was an illegal immigrant with a driver's license. And I'll be glad to participate in such a discussion. But the fact is that he was drunk, no matter the status. And he was driving.

In about 10 years, I'll be 55. My kids will be around 15 and anxious to learn to drive, thinking I'm an uncool parent, and starting to experience so many cool things in life. I want to see that. I hope to hell that another Michael De Latorre isn't on the road as I drive to work.

Next time you're thinking about driving after having a drink, think of the other Georges on the road and don't be a Michael.

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