Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 2 Report: Cravings and Dilemmas

No specific topic of discussion today, but I wanted to check in briefly and let you know how things are going.

I’ll report my weight loss progress on Monday, in that I’m trying to keep it to a weekly report. However, I do weigh myself every morning and, well, I’m on a plateau it seems. Perhaps things will change by next week. I’ll let you know.

One of my weaknesses has been when I’m really hungry (skipped a snack due to work issues) and really craving some carbs. My mouth literally drools when I see a cookie or a donut. I swear I feel like I’m coming off an addiction at times.

The biggest obstacle of the week was how I handled eating out. I mentioned before that my family and I went to Red Lobster last week with great success. Well, on Tuesday, we went to Perkin’s for my wife’s birthday dinner. Not the fanciest of places to celebrate, but we knew we could get an omelet. And what a large omelet is was! Also, earlier that day, I had two salesmen take me to lunch. I was good and ordered grilled chicken breast and salad, but what a large meal it was! (No…I will not say "What a large breast it was!" That’s tacky). So for both meals, I was "good." The next day, I had gained two pounds! That’s when it hit me that I have to be aware not only of WHAT I eat…but also HOW MUCH I eat. It seems simple after I say it, but it’s not.

One thing I keep struggling with is the weigh versus blood health issue. I shouldn’t be so bummed about not losing so much weight this week, but more aware of how what I’m eating affects my blood. Still, I get discouraged at minimal weight loss. I shouldn’t, and I need to get out of that mindset, but I still do.

I also find that I’m planning for "when I get off of Phase 1." Meaning, after this weekend, I can start re-introducing some carbs in the form of fruit and whole wheat breads. But I’m also starting to think that the occasional indulgence in the name of special occasions should be acceptable. For instance, my birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. If we follow the same routine as my wife’s birthday, I’ll have no cake. But would one small piece of cake harm me? Not really. But what WOULD be harmful would be to have cake around the house for the whole week afterwards, nibbling away piece by piece every day. My logic allows just a little taste, but my resolve starts to reason that "just a little taste every day" is acceptable. It’s not. That’s where my biggest struggle will continue beyond Phase 1.

Lastly, thank you for your input on my medicine versus diet dilemma. My plan was to always continue my diet and exercise, but I wasn’t sure about taking all the meds. I decided to take the pills for now. Partly because one of the sales guys I had lunch with on Tuesday had been tackling the same issues as I for over 11 years. He mentioned the drug interaction is very rare, and as long as the doctor is watching me closely, I’d be fine. I know we’re all different with different reactions, but his experience put me at ease. He also had undergone a quadruple bypass, so his lifestyle was rudely forced upon him. I have a choice, and choose not to have a bypass. As a result, I’m taking the niacin along with the Zocor for the blood, and continuing the lifestyle changes for my overall health (and for my family). But I’m also happy to say that, after 3 doses, I have yet to have a "hot flash." Let’s hope that continues.

Have a great weekend everyone. The weather is going to be beautiful here and I figure I’ll start my walking exercise in full force on Saturday morning. I’ll whine about that next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hello BeautifAL...

Ive just read the Oct 11 post so far. Thanks for giving me something to think about other than myself. Its not working, Im still wallowing in..myself..however, you give me pause, as usual.

It is so ironic that we crave the same things: cookies, doughnuts, and etc. How I do love the etcs.

Anyway, When I was really big (50 lbs heavier than I am now), it was wine and pasta that got me up there. Followed by cookies/cake/brownies. Ive been down lately, drove by Daylight Doughnuts. Bless those people; they close at noon, and it was 6 pm.

I admire your tenacity, especially since what you are working for is mostly unseen, sort of an intangible. When I adopted a healthier lifestyle, it was for aesthetics. You have a noble and responsible purpose, an adult purpose. I admire you.