Friday, January 11, 2008

So many blog ideas, so little time. It seems as I come up with a new idea about what to write, there just isn't enough time or opportunity to put such thoughts onto monitor. I apologize to those who have anticipated my words. I'll resolve to do better in 2008. And that leads me to my first 2008 resolutions. I know, I know...EVERYBODY has posted his or her resolutions. But bear with me.

Like most other folks, I resolve to maintain a healthy diet, to exercise more, to work harder, and to play even harder. But face let’s it; these should be daily resolutions, not yearly resolutions. So what should be my true New Year's resolutions?

First, I resolve to embrace more and envy less. It's difficult to turn on the television or read the paper without witnessing someone experiencing a better lifestyle than me. Perhaps it is a beer commercial where everyone is young, attractive and having fun. None of them are toiling away at work and worried about sick kids at home. Maybe it's a celebrity that's vacationing on an exotic island and then flying off to attend a party in some other location. Surely they don't have the worries of bills awaiting their return or whether or not they'll have to mow the lawn. They might have a nice house, or a nice car. They might have a job that pays so much more than mine. They have more time with family and can take seemingly unlimited vacations. Heck, I actually KNOW people with such good fortune and I have envied them in the past. I wanted what they had. But then again, they don't have my family. I have a great family with no real drama (at the moment). I have a job where my efforts are appreciated. I have good friends with whom I can confide and share laughter. I tend to enjoy life overall. And as a result, I am choosing to embrace the wonderful things I have and envy others less.

Next, I plan to avoid any entertainment or "information" that preys upon the humiliation of others. This is just plain cruel for the most part. A prime example of this is the new Fox show called “Moment of Truth” where the host asks contestants extremely personal questions while they are strapped to a lie detector. Why on earth would anyone want to be subjected to such humiliation? Well, obviously the answer to that is "money." Still...what about those poor souls on American Idol that audition with no talent? Sure, some of these people are hoping for fame and fortune simply by being bad, but I’m convinced many have a real dream to sing. And despite their lack of singing talent, why is it we get so much enjoyment out of seeing people’s dreams crushed? Not for me thank you. And please, leave Britney alone. The poor girl needs help and I think we can all agree to that. Having an army of photographers and reporters follow her every bowel movement is bund to drive her crazy, even beyond and mental illness she may already have. Have you noticed how many flash bulbs are going off while she’s driving past? It’s no winder she keeps running over photographers’ feet, she can’t see for the flash bulbs! Just leave her alone…and please don’t offer me more “entertaining gossip” at her expense.

My third resolution is to try not to condemn a person when it’s their skills that need criticized. There might be co-workers, retailers or other service personnel that simply seem like idiots. They might be incompetent or merely lack the skills to perform their job functions. Still, most people are somewhat hard working and have someone in their life that respects or looks up to them. That ass in accounting has a kid screaming in glee for Daddy when he goes home at night. The snobbish sales woman has an ailing husband at home. The young lady serving you your appetizer takes her paycheck home to pay for her child’s dental bill. We all have stresses in life and often time, we take our stresses out on other people. They’re perceived as asses, idiots or whatever you want to call them. And while admittedly some just never seem to learn, others are simply having a bad day. As a result, I’ll think about the people in their lives before I start condemning the individual.

My final resolution is to find a “cause.” Such a thing doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of monetary contribution, but rather devotion. Perhaps it will involve something in which my kids will become active, such as raising funds for a dance studio or volunteering to be an Indian Guide. It might be more involvement in some charitable endeavor, whether it be prostate cancer awareness, blood (triglycerides) health or supporting the Lupus Foundation. I might not be able to contribute funds, but perhaps I can participate in a march, or donate the receipts from a garage sale. And with the election year ahead of us, maybe my cause will be politically motivated. Or maybe my cause will be something of which I have no awareness of at the moment. Whatever the case may be, I think it’s important to have a cause…and at this moment, I really don’t. I tend to go along with the flow and just try to be all things to all people and causes. But honestly, it’s time to embrace “something” bigger than myself. I hope this year to do that, no matter what it may be.

And that is what makes the upcoming year such an exciting time. Something new is bound to happen and I’m convinced it will all be good. So as a result, I resolve to be as good as what I intend to receive. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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