Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Considerate New Year

Usually at this time of year, most folks will share their New Year’s resolutions and set goals on how to better themselves. While I certainly have such goals for myself, I’d rather share one major resolution for others. Be more considerate.

There have been several moments in the last few days that test my faith in others. How many times have I approached an “Express Lane” at the grocery store only to see someone in line with well over the maximum limit for the lane? During the holidays, I often have had to pick up just one or two items at a time…dip for the football munchies or ginger ale for the punch. Yet most of the time, someone was in the express lane, checking out the week’s groceries. But inconsiderate actions aren’t limited to the grocery lanes.

Last night in Apex, I stopped by Food Lion and parked in a space about 50 or 60 feet from the front door. There were other spaces just as close and handicap spaces even closer. Still, as I walked towards the store, a sporty Mercedes pulled up along the curb, an area clearly marked as “No Parking,” and nearly blocked the entrance. One person sat in the passenger seat as the driver got out with the motor still idling. I surmised that the driver might have worked there or was dropping something off quickly. I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes inside shopping, walking the length of the store more than once (I’m not as familiar with the lay-out of this store). As I walked out, the Mercedes was sit idling with the passenger inside (I guess they assumed that an idling car was not a “parked” car). Apparently, the driver had entered Food Lion, not to run in quickly, but to actually shop. If the driver was handicapped, there were plenty of such spaces available. But the only handicap I could observe was the lack of patience and consideration.

In each encounter, I said nothing. During the holidays, I tend to lean to the side of tolerance and patience so as not to induce any negative feelings at this time of year. But frankly, I’m tired of it. Maybe I should simply resolve to be less tolerant and more aggressive. Not that such an attitude is a bad thing, but I would certainly hope the easier route would be simply for people to be more considerate and less selfish. Is it really that difficult?

Regardless, may your new year be full of joy, peace and considerate acts of kindness.

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